2019 World's Best Cities: A ranking of global place equity


Welcome to the world’s most comprehensive city ranking, based on the quality of place, reputation and competitive identity of global cities based on the perceptions of the people who matter most: talent, tourists and business leaders.

As leading advisors in tourism, real estate and economic development, our team at Resonance Consultancy has conducted extensive research on the rise of cities, the key trends propelling this shift and the factors that shape our perception of cities as desirable places to live, work and play.

Our goal with this book of the planet's 100 best cities is to make it the most credible source of city performance in the eyes of visitors and residents alike.

Rooted in our exclusive research and updated with the latest city news, we help you to decide where to go and when. City tourism, after all, is booming. According to World Travel Monitor, city trips soared by 82% between 2007 and 2014 to reach 22% of all global holidays. These are massive shifts in preferences by global travelers.

World's Best Cities aims to feed this new appetite for urban tourism with timely, robust insights and news to match travelers with their ideal city experiences.