Resonance Consultancy has analyzed social media channels from increasingly influential websites such as Trip Advisor and Yelp to identify how many quality experiences cities offer from one product and experience category to the next as rated by locals and visitors themselves.

The 2015 U.S. Tourism Quality Performance Report measures tourism’s supply-side performance and competitiveness in 121 cities across the United States based on both absolute and indexed scales (based on visitor counts) and provides new insight and intelligence into the experiential quality and differentiating characteristics of destinations themselves.

The rankings are based on an analysis of the number of products or experiences rated as ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ in 17 different areas. We have grouped them into six core categories and in total:

1. Culture - The arts and culture in a city
• Museums
• Theaters & Concerts
• Arts & Entertainment

2. Entertainment – Fun attractions and experiences
• Shopping
• Nightlife
• Amusement
• Zoos & Aquariums
• Casinos & Gambling
• Fun & Games

3. Sightseeing – The natural and built environment of a city
• Sights & Landmarks
• Nature & Parks
• Sightseeing Tours

4. Sports & Adventure – A destination’s outdoor activities and adventures
• Outdoor Activities
• Boat Tours & Water Sports

5. Culinary – The food experiences in a destination
• Food & Drink
• Restaurants

6. Lodging – Accommodations in a city
• Hotels

      The rankings for each city are also compared to 10 other cities in its competitive set, which has been selected based on proximity and like-sized visitor counts. Customized competitive sets can be reported upon request.

      The competitive set for Omaha includes: Chicago, Des Moines, Kansas City, Madison, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Oklahoma City, St Louis, Tulsa and Wichita.

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