This Resonance Report ranks Canadian destinations based on the way travellers themselves experience and evaluate destinations. It’s designed to help destinations understand, evaluate and manage the supply side of their offer – the products, programming and experiences that resonate with travellers today.

The report provides performance rankings for Canadian provinces and destinations based on social media reviews – both the absolute total number of very good or excellent experiences offered, and indexed performance rankings based on the quantity of very good and excellent experiences per thousand visitors in each province.

Key findings in this report include:

  • Niagara Falls, Stanley Park and the CN Tower are the most recommended attractions in Canada.
  • Ontario is Canada’s #1 tourism destination both in terms of visitors and total quality tourism products, activities and experiences.
  • Prince Edward Island offers more quality tourism products, activities and experiences per visitor than any other province.
  • British Columbia is Canada’s best performing tourism destination at #2 for both total number of quality products, activities and experiences and number of quality activities and experiences per 1,000 visitors.
  • Toronto is the #1 city in the country, followed by Montreal and Vancouver.
  • Vancouver Island is the #1 destination in Canada for Outdoors experiences.
  • Montreal offers more quality restaurants than any other destination in the country.


• Introduction
• Methodology
• Provincial Rankings
• Attraction Ranking
• Destination Ranking
• Conclusions

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